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So glad you could make it! I am thrilled to offer you and your art and antiques my 26 years of appraisal expertise. So far in my career, I am proud to say, I have never met a work of art or a piece of furniture that I could not research and evaluate for my wonderful clients.

I am diligent, I am thorough, I am knowledgeable, and even if I didn't make a living as an appraiser I would STILL be an appraiser. My first visit to your home (if you are in the Santa Barbara area) is free, and I then present you with my ideas on the type of appraisal you need and the cost of the job.

Clients ask me about insurance appraisals, especially after the recurrent Santa Barbara fires, or they ask about dividing up their possessions fairly between family members. I often work with a family's attorney or accountant in designing a trust. Some clients just want to know what they have or what they inherited. I help with advice on selling artifacts or downsizing, and consult on the best places to sell items for the most cash. I also am qualified with the IRS to write charitable contribution appraisals, if a family wants to donate a work to a museum for the tax credit. I am not afraid of any household, whether large or small, clean or cluttered, French style, Spanish Colonial, Ole' West, Asian or Contemporary style. I am as good at looking at art as I am at looking at furniture and collectibles. I have (almost) seen it all in my 26 years of appraising on both Coasts.

I think you will see that I love what I do; clients tell me I have a great nose for finding their hidden treasures, and presenting reports in an affordable and clear manner. I look forward to helping YOU!

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